LowaddictsSoundstystem is a producers duo, consisting of Dillan Sondervan and Maaike van der Weide, which makes Trip-Hop House. The name of LowaddictsSoundsystem is a reference to the Lowlands festival. As founder of LowaddictsSoundsystem and a yearly visitor of the festival Dillan discovered that you cannot only play different music styles next to each other, but also mix them together. This could be recognised in the music Dillan and Maaike make nowadays: a mix of Underworld, Bonobo, Deadmau5 and Moderat.

As an electronic live act LowaddictsSoundsystem wants to play as many instruments as possible live. For example they play the synths, Ableton push, a Nord Lead 4, guitar, vocals and they invite special guests to play with them.

Dillan and Maaike have met each other for the first time through Tinder. This resulted in a musical match and a close friendship. The idea arose to work together as producer and vocalist and as a result they made a few songs. This collaboration worked so well that they decided to expand it and make Dillan’s project ‘LowaddictsSoundsystem’ an official duo.

Dillan Sondervan (1991) was born and raised in Haarlem. As a child, he was always interested in music. When he was 18 years old he started as a DJ and a year and a half later he started producing. Dillan has been experimenting with different music styles until he found his own style. After he completed his study at Albeda College AMP, he started his second study Composition Music Production at the Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU University of the Arts Utrecht) to optimize his music and skills.

Maaike van der Weide was born in 1996 in Groningen, raised in Roden and now lives in Arnhem. When she was 13 years old she played her first notes on a guitar and three years later she discovered that she could sing too. After playing in a blues band for a year, she started solo as a singer-songwriter. Since she always had a big love for electronic- and live music her next step, LowaddictsSoundsystem, was easy to make.

In 2015 LowaddictsSoundsystem won the 2nd place in the Rob Acda Awards, a music contest in Haarlem. They also played at 3FM and several festivals such as Eendracht festival and Making Waves.

“LowaddictsSoundsystem brings a unique mix of electronics and vocals.”
(Jury Rob Acda Awards, 2015)

Tel.: +31(0) 624 468 991
Mail: mc_calsey@hotmail.com